Congratulations to our growing list of Indie Music Channel artists
who are getting airplay rotation through our network of top radio stations!

 Waking Ugly, Wizard Y, Jordan St Cyr, Savannah Lynne, Tommy Wood, Abi Ann, Danny Blu, Tim McDonald,
Pixikill, Old Salt Union, Meaghan Farrell, M Callahan, Greylan James, Greg Craft, Al Brake, Fiona Miss 2.1, Jay Young,  John Stallings, Netty Mac,
Cynthia Leigh-AnnEnvy Carr, Melia, Ignescent,  Diamante, Sarah Bella, Jamie Connoly, MoZaik,  Michael Allan, Jamie Alimorad, Otto Vector, Lucas,
Vigogabelah, Rachel Kays, John Gillette,  Sean Reyes, Sisters Doll,  Sam & Nate, Kayla Nettles, Tashova,
Lauren Jordan, Greg Caldwell, and many, many more!




Indie Music Channel is pleased to offer MORE airplay opportunities
for members of the IMC!

The Indie Music Channel takes great pride in getting its members the recognition they deserve! 

Through our partnership with major terrestrial radio stations,
the Indie Music Channel is helping promote its members who have true "hit quality" music
by placing their songs, music videos and more with some of the top radio stations around the world!
Indie Music Channel artists are getting TONS of recognition and airplay
"On-The-Air" on the radio station's live stream and more!

The Indie Music Channel has a growing list of terrestrial radio stations from across the country
who are partnering with the IMC in an effort to introduce new, fresh
independent singers and bands to their listening audience!  Submit your music now!


"I would like to Thank Christopher for getting my single Up & Down in Rotation on
97.5 FM KLAK. It's so very exciting to hear my song over the radio
and to see it in the play list... THANKS CHRISTOPHER for believing in my Music!!!!" - Fiona Miss 2.1


Below are just a few of the radio stations that
Indie Music Channel members are getting airplay on!




"Click" on any of the logos above to see and hear
Indie Music Channel artists on these radio stations!

Also, be sure to click on the radio station's

to hear Indie Music Channel artist's songs "On-the-Air"!


Track your airplay on the radio station's playlist
(some IMC artists highlighted below)


Radio listeners can even click on the time line
and listen to a clip of your song, watch your music video and/or buy your track
directly from iTunes!



Indie Music Channel artists photos and songs are also featured on
the phone apps of our radio stations around the country!
Get promoted to hundreds of thousands of new fans in an instant!


Indie Music Channel Artists! 
Get Radio Airplay Now!

The Indie Music Channel is currently putting together airplay playlists
featuring IMC artists on some of the following radio stations:

Rock / Alternative Rock / Metal



  North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin


Country / Americana / Folk


Michigan, North Carolina, Texas


Pop / Rock / Dance


California, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas


R & B / Dance / Soul

Michigan, North Carolina



Below are just a few of the exciting opportunities
exclusively for active members of the Indie Music Channel:



Indie Music Channel
Fresh Artist Playlist Music Player
& Radio Station Airplay
Through this innovative concept, the
"Indie Music Channel Fresh Artist Playlist" music player is embedded into a radio station's website where they direct their listeners to go to hear great new music by great new artists (like you)!  Currently there are Indie Music Channel artists who are getting a TON of publicity around the world just by being featured in our IMC music player. 

PLUS, your song may also be chosen to air in daily rotation On-the-Air on the radio station's live stream! 

The "Indie Music Channel Fresh Artist Playlist" can help you gain exposure for your music and, in turn, help you grow your fan base! 

Take advantage of this free opportunity,
exclusively for current IMC members!

To apply to have your song added to the
"IMC Fresh Artist Playlist" music players,
"Click Here"!




Indie Music Channel
Top New Artists
Video Player


If you are a singer or a band with an awesome music video, then you know that there are very limited outlets for artists like you to get your videos seen by true fans.

Our new "IMC Top New Artist" Video Player gets your music video into the eyes and ears of radio listeners around the world!  Whether your genre is Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, etc., your music video has the opportunity to air on the websites of top radio stations that fit your style of music

This is a free opportunity just for active
IMC members!  Don't miss out!

To apply to have
your video featured,
"Click Here"



[Sample of player]

Indie Music Channel
"Indie Artist Spotlight"

Our new "Indie Music Channel Indie Artist Spotlight" puts you and/or your band in the spotlight where you belong! 

This :60 news-style segment highlights you and your music, introducing you to radio listeners around the world.  Currently there are Indie Music Channel artists whose "Spotlight" features are airing numerous times a day, everyday on radio stations around the world! 

This "Invitation Only" opportunity is an OUTSTANDING way for select IMC artists to get FREE exposure among our radio station partners, as well as a great promotional tool for IMC artists to use for their marketing strategies! 

To apply for "Spotlight" consideration, "Click Here"!

To hear an example, Click Here!





These outstanding promotional opportunities are available for FREE
to all active members of all genres of the IMC!
This is a great way to get your music heard
by more people than ever before!

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