The Official Maker of Indie Music Channel Gear!

Hey Everybody!

When I was looking for a company who could handle our Indie Music Channel merch, I was real picky because I wanted our stuff to look good and be something that I would want to buy and wear.  I came across Detroit Manufacturing, checked out their stuff and they are, truly, the real deal!  Robert Stanzler (the owner) knows this business.  They make great designs, the quality of their material doesn't feel "cheap" if you know what I mean, and they offer GREAT rates for Indie Music Channel bands and members.   When you check out their site, it has a lot of Detroit stuff on there, but they can design anything - band logos, anything.  Plus, they can make an order that fits your budget.  If your cash is tight, or if you only need a few tee shirts to get you through your next gig, they can do that, or they can fill a huge order of tees, hoodies, whatever.  Robert and the guys at Detroit Manufacturing are really cool and they TOTALLY support indie music. So when you need some stuff for your merch table, be sure to show them some love and get your stuff from them.

- Christopher


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