Get into the spotlight where you belong!
Promote yourself, and your music, on radio stations around the world!

In its continued mission to help artists on the Indie Music Channel promote themselves and their music,
we have developed an exciting new promotional tool called the "Indie Artist Spotlight"!

The "Indie Artist Spotlight" is a 1-minute interview format segment highlighting an outstanding independent singer or band
of the Indie Music Channel.  This "By Invitation Only" opportunity features the artist in an "entertainment news" style format
that airs on a radio station's website, and/or broadcasts on a radio station's airwaves! 

Listen to samples below:

2-time Award Winning Pop/Dance Group
2012 Indie Music Channel Awards


"Best Female R & B Artist"
2012 Indie Music Channel Awards


3-time Award Winning Blues Artist
2012 Indie Music Channel Awards






3-time Award Winner
Indie Music Channel Awards










Indie Music Channel
Award winning Teen Artist
Tivoli Skye





2-time Award Winning Teen Band
2012 Indie Music Channel Awards






"Best Pop Band"
2012 Indie Music Channel Awards


"Artist of the Year"
2012 Indie Music Channel Awards

Promote yourself and your music on radio stations around the world!



What are some of the benefits to being featured in an "Indie Artist Spotlight" segment?

There are, really, too many to list, but here are just a few:

1) The Spotlight segment can be featured on top radio stations around the world, on their website or over their airways, potentially earning you, the artist, hundreds of thousands of fans in just a single airing!  "Spotlights" that air on the airways of our radio station partners may air as much as 20 times per day, for FREE!!

2) The segment will introduce you to a radio station's listening audience, as well as give listeners the chance to hear your music!

3) Listeners who like your music during the segment may call the radio station and request that your song be played in rotation on the radio station!

4) Executives of the radio station (Program Directors, Music Directors, etc.) will get the chance to hear your song and your story and may choose to add your song to their rotation.  They may even ask you to perform at one of their radio station events!

5) Each segment will also feature your website address, telling listeners where they can go to find out more info about you and your music!

You belong in the spotlight, and this is an EXCELLENT way to build your fan base around the world!

How is the "Indie Artist Spotlight" featured?

There are 2 ways that the "Indie Artist Spotlight" is featured. 

1) It is placed on a radio station's website as an audio player where it can be listened to 24/7. 

2) The "Indie Artist Spotlight" is also available to be aired as a commercial over the air on a radio station!

I think this is a great idea, but I don't know how to get it aired on a radio station or placed on the radio station's website.  Can you help with that?
Of course, if you are selected to have a Spotlight done on you or your band, once the project is ready to air, we can contact the radio stations and negotiate air time on your behalf.  Your spotlight feature can be placed on radio stations of your particular genre.  Whether you are a rock artist, country artist, jazz artist, etc., there are radio stations that your spotlight feature can air on.  

How much does it cost to be featured in the Indie Artist Spotlight?
It is FREE to be featured!  There is a one-time production charge of $150 which covers all of the costs associated with the overall recording, editing, etc.  After the feature is created and produced, you own the finished product and you can post it anywhere you want: on your website, Facebook, on the radio station in your hometown, or on any radio station around the world!

This could be an excellent way for me to get some great publicity for my music,
but how much does airtime cost on a radio station
The finished product will be exactly 1 minute in length (a radio industry standard length).  In many markets,
a :60 commercial "on-the-air" on a radio station can cost as little as $10 per minute!  Your spotlight can also air as a commercial on a radio station's internet stream, many times for as little as $5 per minute!  Remember, most radio stations have hundreds of thousands of listeners at any given minute!  Listeners who will hear your Spotlight promoting you and your music!

Can my feature be placed on a station's website, too?
Yes, your spotlight can be placed on a radio station's website for 30 days at a time for as little as $150 per month per radio station! "Spotlights" that air on the airways of our radio station partners may air as much as 20 times per day, for FREE!!  Your feature can be heard on-demand, 24/7, and depending on the radio station, your feature can be heard by 20,000 to over 100,000 listeners per month!!  To see an example of a Spotlight featured on one of the radio station's websites: "Click Here"!

This sounds great!  How do I sign up?
Simply complete the form below.  Once you have applied for consideration, you will receive a confirmation email from an Indie Music Channel staff member.



To get started, simply complete the form below!


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A tour is also being planned that would include artists who are featured in the "Indie Artist Spotlight".
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How long, overall, have you been singing and/or playing music?

How long have you been, more seriously, pursuing your music career?

Do you play any instruments?   Yes   No  If yes, which one(s): 

Have you performed "Live" before?   Yes   No   If yes, where?  

If you are a solo artist, do you have a band that will be performing with you?   Yes   No

What are your current music career needs
(eg. more promotion, increased fan base, etc.)

What are your overall goals for your music career
be honest, don't be too shy to "Dream BIG")


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